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Supporting those in need

At S. Peter’s we select specific charities to help, by directing our giving we hope we can make a real difference. We do this because care for the poorest is part of the founding charism of S. Peter’s, a parish of the Society of the Holy Cross.

First We support Tower Hamlets Foodbank. The real food and other items we bring to Church on a Sunday goes to real people in need of help. It could not be more practical, or easy. If you want to help you will find a box just inside the church marked ‘Foodbank’ just put your donation of food into it.  Unknown-1


Next we support the work of Centrepoint. Young people lost and alone on the streets of London are the target of drug pushers and those wishing to misuse confused young people. Counterpoint is a place of safety and a new beginning. We also love their work with young people recently out of Care and living in family groups in flats


WE admire and support the work of The Simon Community not least the food and drink runs, often for the hard-core rough sleepers.  We know they care for some of the most marginalised people in London, sometimes former armed service personnel who live with many levels of distress. There is a Gospel simplicity in the gift of a ham roll.

Unknown-3During the Sundays of Advent there is always a second collection at Mass, this is a collection for CRISIS to help with their remarkable work at Christmas every year in London. The care offered to those who live alone in offering them a Christmas community, a chance of a medical check up, shower, dental examination for very vulnerable people, lonely people and rough sleepers is a great work we endorse with our help.

imagesAll of efforts for those in need are offered to the most vulnerable and marginal in London. We do this in, with and for Jesus, who loves the poor first. It further reflects the founding charism of our parish, a Parish of the Society of the Holy Cross, moulded in the Vincentian tradition.

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