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Easter2013SPW -002This statement of service and intent is the Mission statement of S. Peter’s London Docks.

S. Peter’s London Docks
Principles of Service
Regnum Christi
Adopted by the PCC
Memoria of Ss Cosmos and Damien
Tuesday 26th September 2006

This PCC believes that the renewal of a parish does not depend on beautiful pastoral plans but on its members’ encounters with Christ, especially in the Mass.

Nourished by the Eucharistic bread the parish grows in Catholic communion, walks in full fidelity to the universal tradition of the Church and is always ready to receive and discern the different Charisms that the Lord inspires in the People of God. From constant union with Christ the parish draws vigour to commit itself ceaselessly in the service of brothers,particularly the poor.

This associated text amplifies the statement above,

Principles of Service S. Peter’s London Docks

Regnum Christi

We acknowledge our dependence on the Mass as the place of encounter with the crucified and risen Lord whom we seek to share with our Parish and the world. It is to the Church gathered at the Mass that we seek to draw others, knowing that this can only be done by the manifestations of love that Christ grants us in the most Holy Sacrament.

We grow in communion with Christ and one another in the Mass, this communion drives us to desire to share our communion with those not yet in visible communion with the Church.

We acknowledge our dependence on the historic faith and teaching of the Catholic Church and proclaim, that our living and sharing the Gospel must always be based on that teaching.

We seek to discern and share the charisms of each who worship at S. Peter’s , knowing that God will reveal and manifest these charisms when and as they are needed by the People of God, who, in this place seek to proclaim Christ by Prayer, life and faith.

This search for a living communion with Jesus Christ, in the Mass, prayer and daily life commits us to the service of our brothers and sisters with whom we share daily life in Wapping, and for the sake of him who loved first the poor we renew the founding vision of our Mission to serve the poor as our first obligation in all that we do.

We adopt these principles, Regnum Christi in the faith of the Holy Trinity seeking the support the prayers of Our Lady and S. Peter.

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